Discount Plan

What Discount Plan do we offer?

We offer an in-house discount plan to assist patients  who do not have dental insurance. Our in-house discount plan is NOT AN INSURANCE plan. We do not pay claims. All charges for dental services are to be paid by the member at the time of service.

Plan Includes: 

Plans starts at time of service and ends in 365 days (1 year)

2 Yearly Exams with digital radiographs

Hygiene Assessment to determine type of dental cleaning (Healthy or Periodontal)

No deductibles, yearly maximum, no waiting periods

Who is In Charge?

Our Treatment Coordinator is in charge of the Discount Plan. Please feel free to call 678-990-3364 for more information. 

What are the benefits of the discount plan?

Dental Insurance is likely, but everyone doesn't feel the need to have it. Do we offer monthly payments?

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